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Something related to the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes? This is where you'll be likely to find it!

AEMH Character Designs by Thomas Perkins

Thomas Perkins has given me permission to share some of his AEMH character design work from Season One, obviously from the Gamma World episodes... *grins* 

I encourage y'all to check out his art; he's done some excellent work for Firebreather, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Green Lantern: First Flight, Ben 10 & Ben 10: Alien Force, The Batman, and lots more, plus his original work, which is pretty darned spiffy!

Please respect the artist and don't repost without his permission  - which is as easy as just going to his sites and asking, right?


Marvel Production Artwork!

The kind people at Marvel Studios have graciously sent me a small supply of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes production artwork, so that we might have something to share during this off-season! Avengers Mansion Exterior - Thumbnail

(Full-size image - 414K)

Lab and Hanger

(Full Size image - 1056K)
Mansion Interiors

(Full-size image - 1094K)

(Full-size image - 918K)

(Full-size image - 558K)



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Avengers Theme Lyrics

Our world's about to break
Tormented and upset
Lost from when we wake
With no way to go back
I'm standing on my own
But now I'm not alone

Avengers Assemble!

Always we will fight as one
'Til the battles won
With evil on the run
We never come undone

Assembled we are strong
Forever fight as one
Assembled we are strong
Forever fight as one