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Artwork for the fans of AEMH by fans of AEMH!

11/09/2012 -  Ant-Man and Wasp!

Artwork by Ryehex16 !  Head over to the Deviant Arts site for the big version!

Ant Man!



09/22/2012 - Cosplay Wasp!

  These pictures are of the cosplayer Han Pan, as the AEMH Wasp.  Bigger versions of these can be found over at her Facebook site.Wasp Flying!



 03/24/2012 - The Winsome Wasp!

Artwork by DesingAVH !  Head over to his Deviant Arts site for the big version!

 02/20/2012 - The Winsome Wasp

Artwork by Monte!  Head over to his Deviant Arts site for the big versions, and check out his cartoon!



02/20/2012 - The Winsome Wasp

(click on the image larger and in color!)

By Weezlcheez

 09/07/2011 - Wasp And Captain America

A birthday gift from a friend who knows my fanaticism propensities rather well. I am blessed with talented friends!

 Artist:  Poeso

Full Size Artwork

Full Size Artwork


 09/07/2011 - Wasp Hollywood Style Pinup

"So I was looking at some pictures of 40's and 50's pinups and decided to draw some of the Marvel heroines as pinups. I'm a little out of my element on these, since I normally don't try to draw realistic humans. I was going to color them but decided that I wanted to have them in black and white like the old time pictures.

So here's Janet VanDyne, aka Wasp."

 Artist: gryffingirl77

Thumbnail - Wasp Pinup

(Full Size Artwork)