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New!03-03-13 - Vinton Hueck @ San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention

 San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention

Show flier image:

Sunday, March 17 from 10am to 4pm.

Veron G. Wells will be there of ROAD WARRIOR and COMMANDO fame! Plus its only 5 bucks and you get a free slice of pizza. What more do you want?

Vinton Hueck will be there, promoting his web comic, (check it out, whether you go to the show or not! It's beautiful!). Vinton Hueck was the director (and storyboard artist!) for numerous episodes of AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES, as well as THE BATMAN, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, STREET FIGHTER, ROBOCOP, and myriad others.

New!02-08-13 - AEMH Comic #11 Preview

Newsarama has a preview of AEMH #11, with guest-star Hercules!

New!01-20-13 - AEMH Comic #10 Reviewed

The lasted AEMH comic is reviewed

New!01-18-12 - AEMH Comics For April 2013

Apologies for the delay in covering the current issue of the AEMH comic - work has been so heavy I haven't been able to get down to the local comic shop (which, for me, is Muse Comics, a great shop in Colorado Springs). 

That said, we have the solicitation text for the April 2013 issue:

Adapted by Chris Eliopolous
Cover by KHOI PHAM

* On a case with special guest stars the Fantastic Four, Avengers mansion becomes a target for the diabolical Doctor Doom and his minions!

There is no cover-art, and the use of the word "adapted" on the creatrive credits fills me with dread that they are planning on screen-scraping the episode "The Private War of Dr. Doom" and making a comic out of it.  Changing the format from two original short stories to adapting episodes... not sure I like the idea, if that's indeed what they are doing.


New!11-26-12 - AEMH Comics For March 2013

Christos Gage & Eric Burnham (W)
Christopher Jones & Tim Levins (A)
Cover by Khoi Pham

When Captain America hulks out, only mild-mannered Bruce Banner can save the day!

Then, Loki and Thor go to war – and the Avengers show the Norse God of Evil what it means to be a brother!


New!11-26-12 - Chris Yost Speaks

Added Chris Yost speaks on AEMH and the creative process!

New!11-20-12 - DVD #6 Information

Added the entry for the final AEMH DVD, #6, which is coming in mid-February 2013.

New!11-19-12 - Profiles Updated

Added profiles for the Microns and its members to the site. 

New!11-17-12 - Comic #8 Reviewed

Comic #8 is now reviewed in the "Comic" Season area!

New!11-16-12 - Site Upgrades

Pictures of Agent Coulson and the Mandarin, courtesy of Felipe Caro!  More profiles, including the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, and more!

New!11-15-12 - Site Upgrades

Added pictures to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, courtesy of Felipe Caro! Also begun upgrading and annotating the profile entries into a new format - look at the Abomination for a look at what they'll all look like, eventually! Upgraded Abomination, "42", Annihilus, and the Negative Zone!

New!11-13-12 - Newsarama Ending Article

The final episode, "Avengers Assemble", has been added to the Episode Guide, as well as profiles for Galactus and his Heralds. 

New!11-11-12 - Newsarama Ending Article

 Newsarama has an article on season's ending.

New!11-09-12 - Artwork Update!

 Thanks to my new friend and correspondant Felipe Caro of Chile, I have added the picture of Magneto from the AEMH comic to Magneto's profile!

I have added pictures of Ant Man and Wasp to the art gallery, done by the redoubtable Ryehex16!

New!11-07-12 - Episode Guide Update!

The episode guide is now up to date! Only one more episode to do!  /crai

New!10-23-12 - Episode Guide Update!

The episode guide is now up to date!

New!10-17-12 - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #10 Preview!

 When the loathsome Leader attacks new York City with an army of Monsters, the Avengers get ready for the fight of their lives – but it’s the Astonishing Ant Man who holds the key to saving the day!

Then, that techno-terror Ultron seizes control of the Vision to attack Avengers mansion – but the Vision will show Ultron that his you can’t reprogram a superhero!

New!10-09-12 - "The Deadliest Man Alive" Added To Episode Guide!

A few days late after the US broadcast, but the episode guide now includes "The Deadliest Man Alive".

New!10-02-12 - "The Winter Soldier" Added To Episode Guide!

A few days late after the US broadcast, but the episode guide now included "The Winter Soldier".

New!09-26-12 - Editor Tom Brennan on the AEMH Comic

CBR has an article featuring Tom Brennan on the Ultimate Spider-Man and AEMH comics.

New!09-25-12 - "Code Red" Added To Episode Guide!

A few days late after the US broadcast, but the episode guide now included "Code Red".

New!09-18-12 - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #9 Preview!

Written By: Louise Simonson and Jen Van Meter
Art By: Chris Jones and Luciano Vecchio
Cover Art By: Khoi Pham

• First - Faced with a murderous meteorite zooming towards Earth, The Mighty Thor can’t save the day – only the Mightier Ms. Marvel can!

• Then - It’s international espionage at it’s finest as the Black Widow and the Wasp team-up to take down Dr. Doom!


New!09-18-12 - "Emperor Stark" Added To Episode Guide!

A few days late after the US broadcast - sorry about that - but the episode guide now included "Emperor Stark".

New!09-18-12 - Wasp Cosplay!

Talented and gorgeous cosplayer Han Pan does the Wasp as cosplay, and gave me permission to show her skills off in the Gallery!

New!09-18-12 - AEMH Comic #6 Released!

Sorry for the delays; work has been overwhelming along with some other personal logistical issues.

That said, another issue of the comic is out, featuring two stories; one of them a race against Hydra to recover a Soviet-era weapon, and the other a face-off between the Avengers and Magneto, with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch! 

New!08-22-12 - "Ultron Unlimited"  Reviewed!

"Ultron Unlimited" has been reviewed and added to the site, along with entries for Set and the Serpent Crown.

New!08-11-12 - AEMH Comic #5 Released!

The fifth issue of the comic is out, and its spectacular - my favorite issue to date.  Also, I've re-configured the way the comics section of the site looks - the old pages will stay up, but hopefully the new area is easier to navigate and use. 

New!07-13-12 - "Avengers Assemble" Sister Site!

I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but my AEMH site has a "sister site" for the new show in development to replace AEMH, "Avengers Assemble".  Non-AEMH news for that series will be posted there, and on my Avengers Assemble Facebook page for the series.

New!07-13-12 - San Diego Comic Con, Day One!

From the Newsarama coverage of the "Cup O Joe" panel:

Speaking about the transition from the animated show “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” to “Avengers Assemble” with Marvel TV, Loeb explained, “We love the [‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’] show so much that one of the first things we did was...take a look what the plans were and expanded from 24 episodes to 52 episodes.”

However, doing 52 episodes in animation was an “enormous commitment” and saying that due to the huge response the live-action “Avengers” movie received, they were transitioning to “Avengers Assemble” as “it better reflects the cast that’s in the movie...but we’re not saying ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ never happened,” Loeb said. “We took this giant epic story, it has a conclusion we always meant to get to...and when we get out of that you’ll see what ‘Avengers Assemble’ will take it to,” Loeb added.

I'm not sure if he's talking about AA getting 52 episodes, or if they are discussing the EMH commitment to two seasons. Clearly they are trying to position AA as a successor series in the way that JLU was an expansion of JL - but I don't think they'll be doing it in a way that will finish up the dangling plotlines.

I guess we'll have to see how its executed, and if its crap like USM, we can always disavow it later...

New!07-12-12 - Microheroes Added!

The 4th issue of the AEMH comic has hit the shelves at your local comic book shop, with two stories: "Contest of Champions" featuring Thor, Hulk, the Thing, and the Abomination against the Champion, Elder of the Universe, and "My Dinner With Hydra", with Hawkeye and the Black Widow saving San Francisco from the hordes of Hydra!

New!07-10-12 - Microheroes Added!

I've been kind of slack lately; with the end of AEMH coming shortly, I've kind of lost my passion for making microheroes of the cast, especially since the writing on the second half of the Second Season is definitely not up to the quality of the First Season and the first half of the Second Season (IE, Loeb and his hackjob editing directives have significantly damaged the overall product).  In any case, I've added the Falcon, Yellowjacket, and the Red Hulk to the microhero gallery.


New!07-10-12 - Preview of the comic AEMH #7 posted!  


WRITER: Christopher Yost and Elliot Kalan
PENCILS: Christopher Jones and Adam Dekraker
COVER: Khoi Pham

• Disney XD’s smash hit leaps off your screen and into your hands!
• When the Microverse gets manic, the Wasp steps up to show it’s not the size of the hero in the fight but the size of the fight in the hero!
• Then, Iron Man must defend Stark Enterprises against the Unscrupulous Unicorn – while fending off a festering flu virus!

New!07-08-12 - Episode 37 Broadcast!

Commentary for "Infiltration" has been posted.

New!07-01-12 - Episode 36 Broadcast!

Commentary for "Prisoner of War" has been posted.

New!06-13-12 - AEMH #3 Released.

The third issue of the comic, featuring all-new stories of the Avengers by storyteller Christopher Yost hit the shelves today, with the Avengers facing off against the villainy of Scorpio and the Zodiac Cartel in the first story, and against Rama-Tut and his consort in the second.  Profiles for people and props introduced have been completed!

New!06-13-12 - Season Two Episode Descriptions and September's Comic Information

 Australia ABC3 has provided titles and descriptions for all the season two episodes but the final episode, and so the Season Two Episode list is almost complete.

Also, Marvel has released the previews information for September comics, including the new AEMH issue (#6) from the pen of Christopher Yost!

Not precisely new, but I found a previously-unread interview with Joshua Fine 

A ton of new rumors from "Agent X", whose rumors have proven true in the past, over at Marvel TV News, about Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk and the Agents of SMASH, and the new Avengers Assemble series, as well as the possibility of a new X-Men cartoon!

Marvel has finally confirmed the new series "Avengers Assemble"; I will not be covering the new series as part of this site, as the Loeb era at Marvel Studios has singularly unimpressed me with its actions and decisions thus far.  Ostensibly, Ant-Man and the Black Panther will join the team after launch, and the Falcon will provide the "Everyman" point of view for the audience.

New!06-05-12 - "Avengers Assemble"? 

So, in the "Only A Rumor" department, there was an image in a licensing trade magazine alongside the logo of Ultimate Spider-Man for a property "Avengers Assemble".  Speculation is that this is a sighting of the series in production to replace "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes".  It matches what is known (which isn't a lot) about the replacement series in that there is going to be one, that its theoretically going to be cast-consistent with the movies.  In a suprise, the artwork features the movie folks in something resembling their movie costumes, but - and here's the big news - includes the Falcon.

New!05-28-12 - Season Two Updates - Thanks, Australia

The Season Two Episode List has been updated with the titles and descriptions.  The next domestic United States broadcast is not until late in June; Disney is playing ratings games with AEMH, according to popular rumor.

New!05-23-12 - Hiatus And Australia

The folks at Marvel Studios are putting the "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" on a short hiatus while they test how much of the childish, horrible Ultimate Spider-Man 's ratings are related to new AEMH episodes (which seems silly to me, as USM is on before AEMH, not after, but admittedly I'm not an expert on how TV limted circulation channels work).  Australia is still broadcasting on schedule. 

This site will not be posting summaries or profiles for the new content until it actually appears on Disney XD here in the United States.  Once things broadcast, I don't mind posting content that qualify as "Spoilers", but I don't think its fair to post things like that before broadcast.

I do reserve the right to post advance microheroes though (I'm so far behind right now I don't think that it'll be much of an issue - Quasar, Warlock, Surtur, Fire Demons, the Enchantress' new look, Beta Ray Bill before and after Stormbreaker, et cetera ad nauseum).

New!05-16-12 - The August Solicits for the AEMH comic are out!

Cover by KHOI PHAM

The Avengers may have met their match when they go toe-to-toe with the Serpent Society!

Then it’s an international incident as Captain America takes on the scourge of France, Batroc the Leaper!

New!05-14-12 - "Who Do You Trust?" Broadcast

"Who Do You Trust?" has been broadcast ahead of "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill"; according to Joshua Fine, it was supposed to take place before "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill", but the episodes were made out of order.  The broadcast order reflects and corrects the intended chronology

New!05-11-12 - Joshua Fine Interview

The nice folks over at ComicBookMovie.Com have posted an interview with Joshua Fine

New!05-10-12 - Profiles Updated!

The profiles sections have been updated with the Wizard and Kai Bowen, both from AEMH Comic #2

New!05-06-12 - "Michael Korvac" Broadcast

"Michael Korvac", the  most recent episode of Season Two, featuring the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is out! Profiles have been added and updated , with a couple of microheroes done.

New!05-02-12 - "Michael Korvac" Screens at Marvel Animation Age

Marvel Animation Age has a selection of screen stills for "Michael Korvac"!  Oh, and to broadly answer a question I've gotten a couple of times, when another web site, especially one as cool as Marvel Animation Age/World's Finest has "exclusive" content, I know I could snag and repost the content here, but (un)common courtesy and respect to them is more important than page hits, at least as far as I'm concerned.  We are not competitors, but allies in our love for AEMH!

OK, off my soapbox!

New!04-29-12 - "To Steal An Ant-Man" Broadcast

"To Steal An Ant-Man", the  most recent episode of Season Two, featuring the introduction of Heroes for Hire - Luke Cage and Iron Fist! Profiles have been added and updated, and microheroes for Luke Cage and Iron Fist are done!

New!04-22-12 - Kree Microheroes!

Given my fanaticism for all things Kree, I've microheroed the Kree military.  Some of the ranks are assumptiuons, based on the Marvel Universe rankings (for example, Yon-Rogg was always a Colonel, so I am assuming he still is, even given that he looks nothing like the MU-616 version).  Others are from context of the last episode.

The Kree Military
Private Lieutenant Captain Major Commander Colonel

New!04-22-12 - "Welcome to the Kree Empire" Broadcast

"Welcome to the Kree Empire", the  most recent episode of Season Two, featuring the introduction of Ms. Marvel!


New!04-18-12 - World'S Finest AEMH Artwork!

Our friends at World's Finest have posted some of the interior artwork from AEMH #1, illustrated by Chris Jones.

New!04-18-12 - AEMH Hydration!! is selling an aluminum water bottle decorated with AEMH artwork for $14.99. 

"Even heroes need to keep wellhydrated. Our aluminum The Avengers water bottle lets you take a sip along in a spillfree, compact size. Dynamic graphics include Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man for a small sport bottle thats truly super!Product Details The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes screen art features Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Panther and AntMan Twisttop stopper with attached cap Wash thoroughly before first use BPA free Not intended for use with hot beverages Aluminum/plastic Holds 12 oz. "


New!04-15-12 - July Solicit for AEMH #4 is up!

Marvel has released their solicitations for July!


Cover by Khoi Pham

• The writer of the hit Disney XD series brings the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from the TV to your home!
• It’s the Heavyweight Championship of the Universe as The Hulk takes on the Thing!
• Next, it’s science-fiction at it’s finest, as Ant-Man enters the Microverse!


New!04-15-12 - "Act of Vengeance" is up!

Episode #29, "Act of Vengeance" is summarized and commented upon.

New!04-15-12 - More Microheroes!

Captain AmeriSkrull with Energy Shield, and the Super-Skrull have been added to the Microhero gallery!

 New!04-13-12 - AEMH #1 Comic Released!

Josh Fine has released (via Twitter) the missing verse from the AEMH theme by Big Bad:

"Too small to turn the tide
too stubborn to give in
pushed by pain and pride
to face these fears and win
There's no one left to trust
it all comes down to us.

 New!04-12-12 - AEMH #1 Comic Released!

I found this out on the tumblr Avengers channel!


 New!04-11-12 - AEMH #1 Comic Released!

The first issue is out, with two stories!

Also, two new microheroes, Tony Stark and Doc Samson!


New!04-10-12 - More TN Perkins AEMH Goodness!

More "What If" madness from the pen of TN Perkins at his DeviantArts site!


New!04-09-12 - Toonzone Interview with Jeph Loeb.

Toonzone has an interview with Jeph Loeb, who takes about the various franchises.  Also, a number of updates to various things, like replacing the profile of James Rhoades with a profile of War Machine, updating AIM and Technovore, et cetera.  Oh, and a new microhero from Season One - The Constrictor!


New!04-09-12 - Episode 28 review is up!

Episode 28 - "Alone Against A.I.M." - is examined in merciless - merciless, I tell you! - detail!

New!04-08-12 - Season Two Microheroes!

More microheroes from Episode 28 - "Alone Against A.I.M." - War Machine and the Supreme Scientist of AA.I.M.

New!04-04-12 - TN Perkins Rocks AEMH!

The artist TN Perkins, who did work for AEMH, has some artwork that you guys might enjoy, iN AEMH style - I know I did! These are over at his DeviantArts site:


New!04-04-12 - New Poll - "Who should the Skrulls take next?"

A new poll is up!


New!04-03-12 - Season 2 Spoilers from iTunes

The Season 2 season pass is $49.99, and now availableAccording to the iTunes solicitation copy for Season Two:


New!03-29-12 - Avengers Season 2 - And We're Off!

Sunday had the first episode of the second season, "The Private War of Dr. Doom".  Individual episodes and season subscriptions are now available on Amazon, and Marvel Studios say also this week on iTunes.


New!03-29-12 - Avengers Season 2 - Two Days Left!

Marvel Animation Age has has some Chris Yost comments about Season Two!  And don't forget to buy the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes comic on April 11th!


New!03-29-12 - Avengers Season 2 Epic Preview

We have no context, although since its got the Vision in it, its probably after episode #46 "Code Red", which is where there are shots of Vizh under construction (or at least, its our first confirmed episode, although I suppose it could be a flashback).

New!03-24-12 - Avengers Season 2 Episode Loglines

Another piece of fan art added to the fan art gallery - the winsome Wasp!


New!03-23-12 - Avengers Season 2 Episode Loglines

Marvel has put up some teasers for Season Two. What are your speculations?

New!03-23-12 - Avengers Season 2 Episode Loglines

Marvel Animation Age comes through again, with the first few episodes' loglines!  

New!03-22-12 - Avengers Season 2 Trailer!

Marvel Animation Age has a link to the new AEMH Season Two trailer!

New!03-21-12 - Stuff!

As we move closer to AEMH Season 2, there is more and more stuff, like:

A Tumblr feed at !

A podcast interview with Chris Yost at at

And at Wondercon 2012, a fantastic Cosplay Wasp!  If anyone knows who she is or who took the photo, I'll give credit where credit is due!

And finally, a theme lyrics image!


New!03-19-12 - June Solicits for the AEMH Comic!


Written by CHRIS YOST
Art by Chris Jones and Ramon Bachs, cover by Khoi Pham

* Captain America and Nick Fury must rely on their wits to escape the ancient power of the Zodiac Key and the vile Scorpio!
* Then, opposites attract -- trouble! Free-wheelin' Hawkeye and regal Black Panther find themselves on an unlikely team-up -- through time!
32 PGS./All Ages …$2.99

New!03-13-12 - Season Two - Titles Confirmed

Marvel has released the episode names of the first batch of Season Two episodes:


New!03-08-12 - New Images Before Launch

Marvel Studios has released a few new things before the Season Two launch; mostly stuff we knew about or have seen before, but hey! Anything is good, in my book! (Click on the images for their bigger siblings!)

New!03-05-12 - Marvel Disney XD Block

The full press release is over at Marvel Animation Age! The Second Season premiere of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes at 12pm (ET) on April 1st. Beginning April 8th, 2012, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes will show at 11:30am (ET).


New!03-05-12 - AEMH Music Video - "Couldn't Get It Right"


New!02-22-12 - Even Moar Fan Art!

New fan art! by Monte!


New!02-21-12 - May Solicits for the AEMH Comic!


Written by CHRIS YOST

• Two breathtaking tales of THE AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES by Chris Yost, the head writer of the hit animated series.
• Lightning striking stone! Thor and Iron Man vs. Grey Gargoyle!
• Plus: It’s might vs. bright when Hulk, Wasp and Hawkeye take on Marvel’s most malicious Mensa member: the Wizard!
32 PGS./All Ages …$2.99


New!02-20-12 - Wasp Fan Art!

New fan art!


New!02-18-12 - Comic Series Update

OK, we now have the official "trade dress" for the new series, including a common feature to both AEMH and the USM books - Fury's Files!  Both #1 covers below:

(click for the bigger brother)

(click for the bigger brother)

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #1

Ultimate Spider-Man #1


New!02-16-12 - Season Two Images

Marvel has released two images from the first episode of Season Two:

Click for Enlargement

Click for Enlargement

(Click them for their larger siblings!)


New!02-12-12 - Newsarama Article About USM and AEMH Comics!

Newsarama has given us a small interview with the editors of the all-ages USM and AEMH comics.  They also gave us some previews of some of the covers:

Cover to AEMH #1 AEMH Cover #2 AEMH Cover #4


New!02-12-12 - Ant-Man and Wasp AEMH Tribute Videos!

New!02-10-12 - Double-Play Day! AEMH Tribute Videos!

Black Panther

The Enchantress

New!02-07-12 - Marvel Animation Age Josh Fine Interview

Once more, the Marvel Animation Age provides a quality interview with Josh Fine on the imminent Season Two!

New!02-07-12 - More AEMH Tribute Videos!

New!02-06-12 - Avengers Tribute Videos!

These are the beginning of a series developed by a truly talented fellow, whose choice of music and choreography are amazingly fitting!

New!02-04-12 - Culture Clash Videos!

These four videos combine the classic 1960's cartoon themes with the AEMH footage!  Very nicely done!



Written by CHRIS YOST

For information on its sister title, "Ultimate Spider-man Adventures", head over to Marvel Animation Age, the best animation site bar none, on the WWW!


New!01-15-12 - Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wikia

I discovered that there is a fledgling AEMH Wikia!  I am not an administrator, but I have started some small contributions and edits here, as I think that anything which makes our collective AEMH community stronger is a win for everyone.  They also have a live chat room we might make use of, if there is any interest out there.

Come play!


New!01-09-12 - Disney XD Announces Marvel Universe Programming Block

The block will be every Sunday, and will launch April 1.  The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes will also be a part of the lineup, presumably with Season Two, along with certain other  "exclusive Marvel content, including new animated short-form series, and live-action interstitials."

New12-25-11 - Peter Parker in AEMH!

Happy Holidays!


New!12-25-11 - Peter Parker in AEMH!

Added a profile for Peter Parker!

New!12-25-11 - The Dog Ate My Homework!   Not A Massive Update!

When the fourth issue of the AEMH LS comic came out, I never published a review; I accidentally over-wrote it with the content from LS #3.  It was months before a sharp-eyed reader found the error, and... well, he reminded me a few days ago.  Since then, I have conducted the quest for the AEMH LS #4 issue, found it, and so.... from the "The dog ate my homework" department, the review is now up and the area is ready for the new comics that should be coming in April!

New!12-24-11 - Massive Updates!

Well, OK... they seemed massive for me, since I was the one doing them... I know, kvetch kvetch kvetch.  Re-aligned Villains List, now by category of villain.  New entries tof Bi-Beast, Technovore, and Dr. Doom (who hasn't actually appeared, but what the hell - he's already got his own microhero, right?).  New entries for Hawkeye's skycycle and the Black Panther's Javelin. Added microheroes for Machete and Zaran (who've only appeared in the comic so far), done by the highly-skilled TC. Also, images added to a bunch of the old profiles.   

New!12-22-11 -  A New AEMH Comic In April!<

Following fast on the heels of a report by Bleeding Cool reporting Marvel's cancellation of their all-ages titles, they're announcing that Marvel will be re-launching an AEMH and an Ultimate Spider-Man title in April and June (respectively).  It will be in a 6"x9" format.  Marvel's description:

"Spinning out of Disney XD’s cartoon series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and just in time for Marvel Studios 2012 blockbuster film The Avengers, these two all-ages adventures feature all the daring & destruction you can handle in the classic Mighty Marvel Manner! Join Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Hawkeye and the rest of the Avengers as they do battle with the Crimson Dynamo, Mad Thinker, Awesome Android and the vilest villains the universe has to offer!"

New!11-16-11 -  New Chris Yost Interview about Seasoon Two

A nice, pleasant interview at CBR, even if there is nothing in it we don't already know. Still no release date. Hopefully this means we're getting closer, though.

New!10-25-11 -  AEMH DVD #3 and #4 - the rest of Seaason One - Released today!

And there was much rejoicing! 

New!10-25-11 -  Marvel Interviews Frank Paur

Frank Paur is the Supervising Director for AEMH. An entertaining interview!

New!10-24-11 -  Season Two Trailer

Still no official launch date, but at least the Disney XD ads for Season Two are beginning to show up, and promoting the DVD release.

New!10-17-11 -  New York Comic Con Disappointment

Well, disappointing news from New York.  Marvel Studios have decided to delay launching Season Two until 2012, when they release Ultimate Spider-Man.  Still no official launch date.

New!10-06-11 - Marvel and the New York Comic Con

From CBR, about Marvel TV and NYCC:

"Then, on Saturday, October 15th get in line early for Marvel Television Presents, from 3:45-4:45pm in Room 1A10! Join Loeb as he updates fans on everything Marvel TV, from upcoming animated series on Disney XD to the latest on live action shows in development. Want to see a new clip from next year’s Ultimate Spider-Man animated series? Or the second season premiere of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!? This is the only place to see them…and some other cool stuff we can’t dare reveal!"

Full article:

New!09-23-11 - All of AEMH Season One now on
Well, Episode 26 is up on the site (direct link in the S1 Episode Listing), so now all of Season One is available for free as a streaming video!

New!09-15-11 - AEMH Preview Video (from the Thor movie release?)
I was pointed to this little preview video of Season Two, posted by Josh Wilding (Wales, UK) which I'm pretty sure was taken from the Thor trailer, and seems to contain all of the stills on the Marvel Animation Age.  I suspect that we might get this and more from the NYCC (in mid-October).

New! 09-06-11 - Marvel Production Artwork!

 The last piece of production concept art from Marvel Studios.  Many thanks!

War Room
(Full Size - 588K)

New!09-09-11 - AEMH Previews on Thor movie release!

 James Harvey of thew great web site Marvel Animation Age (go check it out!) tells us:

"The Blu-ray home video release of Thor features a new trailer for The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which includes a plethora of new footage from the upcoming season. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes fans should consider checking this out when the live-action Marvel Studios hit arrives on shelves Tuesday, September 13th, 2011. "

New!09-08-11 - AEMH Character Design Artwork by Thomas Perkins!

 The talented and gracious Thomas Perkins has given me permission to post some of his artwork from his work as Character Designer for Season One!  Go take a peek - beautiful work!

New!09-07-11 - New Section - Fan Art!

 I'm adding a new section to the site for fan art, most of it culled as I go along from people on Deviant Arts.  Lots of good stuff out there, far too much for me to probably ever get through, but I figure as I come across stuff I really like, I'll get permission from the artist and share it with you!  Yes, all the choices are highly subjective, in accord to my personal tastes.  I encourage people to give the artists constructive feedback!

New!09-06-11 - New Poll - Guest Star Favorites!

I've put up a new poll on the site, asking who you'd like to see as a guest-star!

New!09-06-11 - Marvel Production Artwork!

 The fourth piece (one more to come next week!) of production concept art, this time for the Avengers Mansion training hall:

Mansion Training Hall

(Full Size - 918K)


New!08-29-11 - Marvel Production Artwork!

 The third piece (more to come on a more-or-less weekly basis!) of production concept art, this time for the Avengers Mansion interior rooms:

Mansion Interiors

(Full Size - 1,094K)

New!08-24-11 - Wasp Tribute Video!

New!08-22-11 - Ultron Epsiode at Marvel!

Added the streaming link over at for "Ultron-5" (Season One, Ep. 22) to the Season One Episodes listing!