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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #10

"The Leader's Legions"

Written By: Todd DeZago
Art By: Chris Jones and Victor Olazaba

This story will always have a place in my heart, as it introduces several of the old Marvel Monsters into the AEMH universe - we get Grogg and Groot (but not the "I am Groot" Groot), Rommbuiu and Vandoom, and the venerable Gigantus.  Of course, there is continuity error in that they put Hank Pym in his Ant Man I uniform, although the presence of Ms. Marvel and Vision indicate that Pym should be Yellowjacket; perhaps his Yellowjacket uniform was at the cleaners.

Y'know, its not like there are hundreds of episodes to keep in mind when writing Avengers stories - its a shame that the writers can't seem tobe bothered to do research with the 52 episodes and almost a dozen comics that exist.  Yeesh.

Oh, and remember the Leader, whose huge head was last seen in "Assault on 42"?  Well, apparently with no mention, his head has reverted to just normally elongated.



"Baby Steps"

Written By: Clay McLeod Chapman
Art By: Luciano Vecchio

In this story, the Vision is transferring his consciousness to a temporary body (without his powers) while Iron Man tries to fix a glitch in his old one when a power surge fries the old body's circuits - an upload from Ultron.  The Vision, in his new body, takes a stroll through Central Park.  His old body, bearing Ultron's upload, takes over the old Vision's body attacks Wasp and Iron Man. The Vision returns, having stopped a mugging, and joins the battle against Ultron-in-Vision's-body. The Vision swaps bodies with Ultron, while Iron Man destroys the computer holding the Ultron virus, and tha'ts the battle, folks.

Of course, destroying one node wouldn't eliminate the treat, but that's one of those details...