Real Name: Emil Blonsky
Affiliations: The Leader, The Masters of Evil
First Appearance:
"Hulk VS The World" (Season One, Episode 3)


Emil Blonsky was an ex-SAS soldier, and as a member of the British military special forces has had extensive combat training.

The Abomination is, like the Hulk, a creation of exposure to Gamma radiation, and like the Hulk, the Abomination is near Thor in his super-strength and durability to harm.  Unlike the Hulk, the Abomination cannot change back into human form.  Also unlike the Hulk, the Abomination retains the intelligence and personality of his human form.

More Information: Marvel Wiki: Abomination
The Abomination
History: The Abomination is first seen as an inmate of the Cube.  When the Cube is destroyed ("Breakout, Part I"), the Abomination goes to work for the Leader, in an attempt to convert the population of the world into Gamma monsters.

After the Leader is defeated, the Abomination is recruited by the Masters of Evil ("Gamma World, Part II").  As part of the Masters of Evil, the Abomination took part in the assault on the Avengers Mansion ("Masters of Evil"), and Baron Zemo's gambit to open mystical portals to the Asgardian realms so that Loki could invade Earth ("This Hostage Earth").  He would fight alongside the Hulk when the Enchantress seeks revenge on the Masters of Evil ("Acts of Vengance"), and end up being incarerated in the "42" super-prison, where he would fight alongside the Avengers to withstand the attack of the Negative Zone bugs commanded by Annhilus ("Assault on 42"). 

Presumably he was transfered, along with the other former prisoners of "42" to the Hydro-Base super-prison shortly thereafter.


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